Londra tregon “bereqetin e pranverës”, zbukuron edhe autobusët (FOTO)

Is this the fuchsia of travel?. See SWNS story SWBRflowers; Passengers boarding their train today (21 May) were greeted with a stunning flower display. A cascade of purple and pink hydrangea, wisteria and fresh sea lavender lined the walls of the carriage filling the air with the aroma of fresh spring blossom. More than 3,000 flowers in total were installed on the 43 seat, 23-metre long carriage. Heathrow Express commissioned the on-board flower show to celebrate the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show which begins today (21 May). A spokesperson for Heathrow Express said: “The duration of our transfer service is just 15 minutes so we wanted to make an instant impression on customers departing from and arriving in the UK. “The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the biggest events of the year but not everyone gets the chance to experience it so we wanted to give travellers a little taster. “And we’re delighted to say the reaction of customers has been blooming marvellous.” The ‘flower express’ display, which was created by London-based Jamie Aston Flowers, featured 1,850 hydrangeas, 220 wisterias and 1,000 stems of fresh sea lavender. The mix of real and artificial flowers were attached to the ceiling and walls using suction grips and hooks and the plants in the luggage racks were held in place by foam. And it took the eight-person team four hours to install - and several months of planning. Around 18,000 passengers are expected to use the transfer service today across its 150 journeys.

Pasagjerët që hipën sot në autobus për në Londër sot u mirëpritën me një pamje mahnitëse lulesh.

Lulet nga llojet e ndryshme si lulebora, trëndafila dhe livando të freskëta ishin të varura në tavanin e autobusit, çka bëni që pasagjerët detyrimisht të disponoheshin me këtë “bereqet të pranverës”.

Më shumë se 3.000 lule u vendosën në autobusin 23 metra të gjatë.

Linja e autobusëve Heathrow Express porositi lulet për të shënuar festivalin  “Chelsea Flower Show”, i cili shënohet edhe nga familja mbretërore, dhe nis me 21 maj.

“Chelsea Flower Show” është festivali më i madh i kopshtarisë në vend. /tesheshi.com/